“Naked in the

locked bathroom, dizzied by the smell of the girl and the incandescent desire it had imported furtively from the bed, he sat on the rolled lip of the tub. The perfumed hand covered his face; the other he put to his body, a pilgrimage to his earlier self that he resented but that was also essential, natural somehow to the man he had become.”81xssrdivol.jpg

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“Transgressive, barbed-wire-sharp.”
O the Oprah Magazine

“An intimate and paranoid novel which situates readers deeply in the mind of a person trying to make sense of trauma, self-determination, and the related problem of the American Dream.”
The Brooklyn Rail

“Razor-sharp. Koelb’s imaginative novel of the ruse of identity in the post-war world is a powerful and resonant metaphor for a crumbling city and a society in flux.”
National Book Review

“A literary novel with noir in its heart, an unconventional look at masculinity and its cultural baggage. Timely and pertinent.”

“Deftly confronts gender, identity, and socioeconomic limits to create a piercing tragedy of a life caught between free will and utter desperation.”

“Koelb is insightful…about how short the era of triumphant white American manhood was and its tendency to fight a rear-guard action that hurts men and those they love.”
Publishers Marketplace

“Taut and startling. Rust Belt Trenton becomes a character as vivid as the people.”
Dallas News