Morasses, a translation of André Gide’s Paludes

with an introduction by John Reed. Published by Calypso Editions and available from the publisher or Amazon.

Morasses CoverPraise for Morasses

“Urbane, paradoxical, perverse—in Morasses, André Gide pioneered the post-modern novel a century before anyone else. Koelb’s translation makes this difficult, amusing example of the ‘literature of exhaustion’ delightfully available to the reader of English.”
—Edmund White

“A leisurely stroll through the hall of mirrors of a writer’s mind (never was a book more aptly named), this deadpan comic fantasia on the creative life is not typical André Gide, but like a parody of the games he later played in The Counterfeiters. It’s a grandparent to My Struggle by Karl Ove Knaussgaard, only much funnier.”
—Christopher Bram

“Discovering Gide’s Morasses is like finding that there’s one more chocolate left in the box when you thought they were all long gone. Tadzio Koelb’s note-perfect translation of this neglected miniature by the master ironist captures both the subtlety and freshness of Gide’s prose. Morasses is faux-fiction wrapped in a faux journal (by the greatest of 20th century diarists). This tale of swamps, ducks and pretentious poets defies genres and expectations. It is hilarious and it is delicious. It’s a gift not to be resisted, an indulgence I’d advise you to give in to today.”
—Robert Marshall

“Tadzio Koelb has found a voice in English for Gide that artfully recreates the elegance of the prose in Morasses and also the humor. An assured and delightful translation.”
—Idra Novey

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