You’re looking for a community of writers and a place to share your work.

I design my workshops to create a supportive environment for writers to explore their work through reader feedback and structured discussion. They are similar in approach to those I teach at the undergraduate through continuing education levels, but are less formal and more intimate, with smaller groups devoting more time to each writer’s submissions.

  • Small groups meeting online
  • Eight weeks long
  • Usually held on weekends

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“The best workshop I have ever had.”


Kick-start your creative process in a sympathetic setting

Beginner workshops are for people interested in exploring fiction writing for the first time or getting back to it after a long hiatus. The first weeks mix writing prompts with short seminars on technical issues such as plotting and dialogue and discussion of critical approaches. Participants then use exercises as a way to develop a short work of fiction to be workshopped by the whole group.


Push your work further

Advanced workshops are for anyone with work of fiction in progress—either a novel or short stories—who has workshopping experience and wants feedback from a group of dedicated readers. Each session is moderated and ends with an exploration of technical questions that have come up or other “learnable” matters that the discussion has suggested. I also offer each student a written commentary designed to help set revision goals and suggest actions that can guide writers into the next draft.


You’re at the beginning of the process, or stuck somewhere without a complete draft.

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You’ve completed a draft, and you're not sure how to take the next step.

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You’re looking for a community of writers and a place to share your work.

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